Hello CLN community members and welcome to the first official post on Community Café--your CLN home for tips, tricks, and all things community-related!




I'm Venita, part of your CLN Community Manager team.




We'll swing the café doors open today by starting a chat about points.




Points can be earned a few different ways: contributing documents (4 pts), answering discussion threads (2-4 pts), and starting discussion threads (1 pt).




You'll notice that as you build points, the red bars next to your avatar will begin to increase as you enter each new level of community participation.









Member 0-100



Beginner 101-200



Intermediate 201-300



Advance 301-400



Expert 401+



The key is remembering to mark your discussion threads as "questions" if you'd like specific answers, and here's the big one...remembering to award your fellow community members some points when they respond to your thread!



You'll be prompted when someone provides comments or answers like the sample below where I reviewed Rachel D's answer and decided how I'd like to award points.









Remember, rewarding points is your choice and in no way mandatory.




Even though you may not always get an exact answer, or the right answer, if someone has spent time and thoughtfully answered your question with some new info or insight...it might warrant a "2" point reward for being helpful.




Awarding points is a great way to foster community building and will assist with building strong reputations within CLN.




In a short time we've seen some solid contributors emerge-so keep up the dialoguing, mentoring, and learning.




Stay tuned here for more blog entries from myself,

Rachel D and Ann, and let us know what community topics you may be interested in reading about.




And while you sip your morning tea or java, have a gander at these. Perhaps there are some points in your future.










The Café is now open for comments....