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The Cisco Learning Network team is now accepting nominations for the Community Spotlight Members’ Choice Award.   Each and every day, we see countless community members make tremendous efforts to help their peers. Not only to they aim to accomplish their own personal learning goals, but they seek to help others along the way.   Do you know of a fellow member who deserves ... Read more

Learn About the Certification Enhancements With the announcement of changes to the Cisco certification portfolio (June 10, 2019), we were able to arrange an interview with the Senior Manager for the Global Certifications team, Yusuf Bhaiji. These podcasts are casual chats where I get to ask him some questions, and he gets to speak directly to you, our Cisco certification candidates, about the ... Read more

The Cisco Learning Network team is pleased to announce the winners of our Community Spotlight Awards for this round.   What we find amazing about our community members is their commitment to advance their own professional development and still have a strong desire to help educate others along the way. The peer-to-peer support is simply incredible, and that alone helps make the Cisco ... Read more

We are now accepting nominations for the next round of Community Spotlight Awards, in particular, for Members’ Choice.   The Cisco Learning Network team is thrilled to celebrate members for their valuable contributions and hard work to make a positive difference in our community. It is always a pleasure to highlight outstanding individuals who go above and beyond to help their peers ... Read more

The Cisco Learning Network team acknowledges the tremendous value that our members add to this site on a daily basis. Our community is comprised of amazing individuals from all around the globe, who come to this site to learn and help others along the way. We wanted like to express how much we appreciate all of you – our members, for the important role you play in the growth and success of ... Read more

We are thrilled to kick off the New Year with our annual VIP announcement.   One of the greatest joys of the Cisco Learning Network team is being able to witness the professional growth of our community members in a gradual manner. Starting as beginners, sharing with us their goals and dreams, to their triumphant “I’m certified” post… It is something amazing to see. ... Read more

It is time to announce the newest addition to our Community Spotlight Award family…   Individuals from all around the globe come to this community site daily with a strong determination to learn and soak up knowledge in an effort to advance their professional growth. Not only do our members use the site to achieve their own personal IT career goals, but they also utilize their ... Read more

The Cisco Learning Network is now accepting nominations for the next round of Community Spotlight Awards, in particular, for Members’ Choice.   Here is your chance to nominate a fellow member for the positive impact he or she has had on you or the Cisco Learning Network community as a whole. Countless members from around the globe contribute to the community on a regular basis and ... Read more

Learn Where You Are To meet you where you are and provide you with educational opportunities in multiple ways, we can now officially invite you to an exciting new option: The Cisco Learning Network podcast! Subscribe to the Cisco Learning Network Podcast via Apple iTunes or Sound Cloud and take us with you on the go. There are several episodes available now and much more on the way.   The ... Read more

For ten amazing years, the Cisco Learning Network has been helping over a million people grow their IT knowledge and advance their careers through Cisco certifications. And we're not done yet, not by a long shot. On this ten-year anniversary, we wanted to take a moment and say thank you. This active, growing community is what it is because of our members. As we accelerate into the second half ... Read more

The Cisco Learning Network team is proud and honored to announce the latest Community Spotlight Award winners.   Making this announcement is always exciting, because it gives us the opportunity to shine the spotlight on community members for their tireless efforts to make an impact on our community.   We truly value the dedication and contributions of our members who serve as leaders ... Read more

The Cisco Learning Network is now accepting nominations for the next round of Community Spotlight Awards, in particular, for Members’ Choice.   It is always an honor to celebrate outstanding members of our community and we show appreciation in the form of a Community Spotlight recognition. With this award, our very own community members get the opportunity to nominate a peer for their ... Read more

Now open for registration, we have eight new free intent-based networking webinars available. Join Cisco Subject Matters Experts from the Enterprise Networking Teams in covering the key topics for the intent-based digital networking transformation. Here subject matter experts will cover Intuitive Networking, Cisco DNA Center Fundamentals, Software Defined Access (SDA) Principles, Cisco Meraki, ... Read more

The Cisco Learning Network is proud to announce a new and exciting Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) webinar series: Network Evolution for the Cloud and Digital Era.   In this free five-part series, an amazing lineup of Cisco Press authors and subject matter experts will examine various topics and design scenarios, while analyzing market trends and customer needs to help you prepare for success ... Read more

It’s time...The Cisco Learning Network is proud to announce the winners for this round of the Community Spotlight Awards.   Countless individuals participate on this site every day as part of an effort to enhance their skills and pursue their Cisco certifications. Not only do these members aim to reach their own personal goals but they also lend their support, knowledge, and ... Read more

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