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It’s time...The Cisco Learning Network is proud to announce the winners for this round of the Community Spotlight Awards.   Countless individuals participate on this site every day as part of an effort to enhance their skills and pursue their Cisco certifications. Not only do these members aim to reach their own personal goals but they also lend their support, knowledge, and ... Read more

Lay the foundation for Intent-based Network with the new webinar series from the Cisco Learning Network. Join Cisco Experts in covering the key topics for this digital networking transformation. Subject matter experts will cover Intuitive Networking, DNA Center Fundamentals, Software Defined Access (SDA) Principles and critical SDWAN information. These live sessions will empower you to get the ... Read more

Cisco has just announced the Cisco CCIE Collaboration certification major revision. With this update, what has actually changed? The Cisco Learning Network team has provided a list of deltas that help outline which specific topics have come and gone. What has changed? First off, the new exam curriculum is comprised of eight domains. The CCIE Collaboration v2.0 exam unifies both the written ... Read more

The New Year has begun, and we’re up for our annual VIP announcement.   I am excited for this opportunity to introduce the newest addition to the Cisco VIP family AND welcome back our returning VIPs. This amazing group of individuals has played a very important role in the growth and success of our community.   Now, it is my honor to introduce our new VIP for 2018: Juan Garcia ... Read more

There is absolutely no doubt, that the most valuable asset on the Cisco Learning Network is our entire community. It is because of you, that The Cisco Learning Network continues to grow and thrive. Thank you ALL for your participation, dedication, contributions, and for being an inspirational source to other fellow members who have started their journey to reach their IT Career and Cisco ... Read more

Becoming a Hybrid Engineer Webinar Series  What skills do you need to be an effective network engineer today, tomorrow and in the years to come? An effective hybrid engineer tomorrow will have solid networking skills as well as an understanding of programmatic concepts. Join us for these free one-hour webinars and find out how to future-proof your IT career.     Register and ... Read more

Do you know a fellow community member who deserves special recognition for the positive impact they’ve had on you and/or the Cisco Learning Network community as a whole? If so, we’d like to hear from you. We are now accepting nominations for the upcoming round of Community Spotlight Awards, in particular, for the Members’ Choice award. Here is your opportunity to ... Read more

The authors of "Building Data Centers with VXLAN BGP EVPN: A Cisco NX-OS Perspective" and "A Modern, Open, and Scalable Fabric: VXLAN EVPN", submit the following guest post.   Following the discussion around "the Magic of Super-spines and RFC7938", several times we get asked about the viability of eBGP as the underlay protocol in a VXLAN EVPN fabric. Good, challenge accepted! Now, let's get ... Read more

Today's network security engineer's deal with a complex threatscape of sophisticated attack types, and well-trained personnel are vital to the stability of today's enterprise networks. The Cisco Learning Network is happy to present three new webinars on the following key topics in order to help you validate your IT Security skills. Don't miss these live interactive sessions, presented by subject ... Read more

The authors of "Building Data Centers with VXLAN BGP EVPN: A Cisco NX-OS Perspective" and "A Modern, Open, and Scalable Fabric: VXLAN EVPN, submit the following guest post.   It's admirable how Petr Lapukhov et al. drove the story of BGP routing in Large-Scale Data Centers from an individual draft to an information RFC, specifically RFC7938. Note that RFC7938 does not recommend an overlay ... Read more

Greetings everyone,   Day in and day out, we see members help make a difference in our community by guiding, inspiring and motivating countless others to strive for success in their certification and IT career goals. The Cisco Learning Network is proud to honor three new recipients for their outstanding contributions on the site. By presenting these awards, we acknowledge their efforts and ... Read more

Happy Day of the Programmer!Did you know only about 15% of organizations feel they have the right talent in place to succeed with digitization? (Forrester Report on State of Digital Business, 2015-2020) According to Cisco Global Cloud Index 2016, by the year 2020 data generated by Internet of Things will reach 600 zettabytes per year. The data stored in data centers globally will grow 5 times, ... Read more

We are excited to introduce former Cisco Distinguished Engineer and Cisco Live Hall of Fame Distinguished Speaker Salman Asadullah as our newest Cisco Designated VIP member. Over the years, he has had a valuable presence in not just the Cisco Learning Network community, but also the Cisco certifications community as a whole. As an active CCIE for 20+ years, he has proctored CCIE exams, developed ... Read more

In the world of cloud and data center network automation and programmability, change is happening faster than ever, and the Cisco Learning Network is here to help you keep pace. In the coming months, we will have multiple free webinars available to help you continue to learn and grow in your IT Career. Don't miss the offerings below — sign up and share with your friends and colleagues ... Read more

You have the chance to nominate a fellow Cisco Learning Network peer for the Community Spotlight: Members’ Choice Award. We like to take this opportunity to recognize a deserving member of our community who has been particularly helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive, and has had a uniquely positive impact on the community. This is our way of saying thank you for all that you do to make the ... Read more

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