Sometimes a certification success story from the Cisco community tells itself so brightly that there isn’t much to do except to share it with you as written. And so, read up, my friends, about John Spade, who says he would never have landed a dream job as the technology lead for the Florida Panthers’ (NHL) ice arena without having beefed up his profile with some Cisco certifications.


In short, John had some substantial Cisco networking experience but had started to become a bit marginalized with it due to changes in technology. Also, he knew that the small businesses he had worked for over the years wouldn’t necessarily stand out on his resume. And so, he committed to earning his CCNA, then CCNP, then CCDA certification. When he got the call for the ice arena job, he was told that it was his CCNP cert on Dice that got him recognized.


He then did something very proactive to earn himself that all-important interview and seal the deal in terms of getting what he calls “the coolest job in South Florida, literally.” His odyssey is an intriguing one that offers inspiration, so find out more here. When you’re done with that, head on over to the “IT Careers” section of the Cisco Learning Network for further motivation for your own success story.