Procrastinate No More, IT Job Hunter: 7 Tips to Help You Get a Move OnMany years, and many jobs, ago, I went to a career counselor to help get me mobilized for a job hunt. He said that most people would rather be told to go outside and dig a 10-foot ditch than to dust off their resume and get the ball rolling on the search for a new job or career. That’s no huge surprise, I guess! Digging a ditch isn’t so overwhelming once you convince yourself to “just do it.” But the mental and emotional expenditure of a job search—well, it’s the kind of energy outlay that keeps us filing the task under “P” for “procrastination” or under “U” for “ugh.”


That’s why I thought many of you career-oriented folks in the certification community would get a pick-me-up from an article I saw recently on the Forbes site, “7 Ridiculously Useful Tips for Job Hunters.” The Forbes article is nice in that Jay McGregor, the contributing writer, has picked up seven very useful tips from some high-powered tech companies and start-ups, and they serve as a great beginning for focusing your efforts and perfecting your job search game so that you can be ready when the right one comes along. There’s some good insight here into what prospective employers are really looking for.


While you’re following Forbes’ tips, take some time here on the Cisco Learning Network to see what you can do to keep yourself motivated in your career search and ongoing self-improvement. Meet and network with other IT professionals in the Cisco Learning Network certification study groups. Check out the IT Career Toolkit, where you can find nearly 30 videos to guide you through all aspects of the search, from resume writing, building connections, and interviewing to preparing for certification, building a professional brand, and further advancing your career. Or, soak up a wealth of IT Success Stories, from which you can derive inspiration and kernels of wisdom about how to proceed with your search.


If you’ve been realizing for a while that you need to make a change in your career, I’m hoping that the Forbes article and some of the Cisco Learning Network resources will help get you over the “procrastination hump.” What tips would you add to the list?