Submission By:  Dawn Hopper


Successful collaboration intertwines hearing, seeing, and speaking to achieve a common goal. From seeing a product demonstration to speaking with a partner, to hearing words from a mentor these are the ways we have collaborated from the beginning of time.  Technology has evolved to extend collaboration so now you can easily see, speak, and hear from your colleagues, customers, and partners in real-time on any device, anytime, and from anywhere, which drives productivity and reduces costs.  Making this collaboration technology work behind the scenes requires a voice and video network skill set to maximize the effectiveness of your organization’s collaboration experience and investment.


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You may be asking yourself how do I build these skills when my experience today centers either in voice or video, not both? That is the question of the day! Regardless of your situation, there are three easy ways to build your skills and start on your Cisco CCNA Collaboration journey:


  1.  Experience

Skills gained from working for an organization that uses Cisco Collaboration tools is great and there is no substitute! You can easily gain hands-on experience in your organization, but what if there are areas you don’t have exposure to or are not currently using in your organization? You can easily gain a quick baseline of your expertise by taking a practice exam and if gaps in your knowledge exist, you can supplement your know-how with self-study and/or instructor-led training.


  2.  Self- Study

If you don’t have access to Cisco Collaboration technology or if you want to add onto your experience you can easily form voice and video knowledge anytime anywhere at your own pace with e-learning, documentation, books, practice exams, video tutorials developed by Cisco.


  3.  Instructor-Led Training

If you prefer an expert by your side teaching you Cisco Collaboration technologies and best practices, plus allowing you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience you can participate in instructor-led training.  Contact your local authorized Cisco Learning Partners for more information.



Now that you know the different routes to building your Cisco CCNA Collaboration skills, there is no reason not to start on your journey.  Keep me posted on where your path takes you and I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event or hearing from you when you land at your final destinationà CCNA Collaboration certified.


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