Submission By:  Errol Hayward



Many of you have already earned your CCNA certification. Congratulations on this tremendous accomplishment!


But,just as the feeling of success is starting to fade, you may start to think about the next step. You might ask questions like: “What’s next?” “Where should I go from here?” “What are the benefits of getting my CCNP certification?” The answers to these questions are different for each individual. Everyone has different ideas about when and how to advance their career. But the process to take your career certification to the next level is similar for everyone.




Toachieve your CCNP certification and take your career certification to the next level, do these three things:


Join a Cisco professional-level certification study group: The Cisco LearningNetwork study group community is strong. This is a gathering place where you can ask questions, share ideas about the topics for a specific certification,and eventually get answer questions yourself. Your fellow group members and, in most cases, a group leader, will be valuable support resources to assist you as you take your career to the next level.


Access the Cisco Next-Level professional certification webinar series: Check out the individual Cisco Next-Level event sessions. There is a session for each CCNP.  The sessions cover CCNP job roles, what you can do with a CCNP, and the benefits of getting your CCNP. Listen and learn.


Learn the benefits of having a Cisco professional-level certification: Download the Cisco Next-Level infographic, discover what IT hiring managers say about certified professionals,and see how much you could increase your pay.