6 Reasons Employers Value Cisco Certifications
In 2013, Cisco completed a study targeted at understanding the value of Cisco certification for employers of Cisco certified professionals. Designed to measure employer perceptions about employees with Cisco certifications, the study specifically focused on how employers measure the value of Cisco certified individuals in their business. Three-quarters of 200 network managers surveyed concurred that their Cisco certified employees are more knowledgeable and more valuable than their noncertified employees.


Here are six employee performance metrics that were considered as part of the study:


1. Speed in completing network-related IT projects:

A majority of network managers in the survey indicated that Cisco certified employees complete network-related IT projects more quickly than noncertified employees—more than 30 percent faster.


2. Speed in resolving technical problems:

Cisco certified employees were found to be much quicker at resolving technical problems. Two-thirds of the network managers rated their Cisco certified staff as performing more than 30 percent faster.


3. Quickness in coming up to speed during onboarding:

A high percentage (78 percent) of network managers in the survey rated their Cisco certified staff as coming up to speed more than 20 percent faster than noncertified employees.


4. Effectiveness in completing network-related IT projects:

The network managers in the survey viewed Cisco certified employees as completing network-related projects more successfully—rating them as 40 percent more effective on average.


5. Effectiveness in resolving technical problems:

The network managers in the survey confirmed that their Cisco certified employees resolve technical problems more effectively—perceiving them as 42 percent more successful on average.


6. Employee performance metrics overall:

Networking managers attributed, at the least, a 37 percent average improvement rating for these performance metrics from Cisco certified employees.


Employers were also asked to quantify the impact that Cisco certified professionals had in various areas of company performance. Network managers in the survey stated that having Cisco certified employees on their staff has significantly reduced network support costs, lessened network downtime, increased the ability to take on additional departmental project load, and improved customer satisfaction.


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