What is the Right Way to Prepare for a Cisco Exam?The #CertsandLabs team has been working diligently on your behalf!  Over the past few months, we have seen the buzz on the Learning@CiscoFacebook, Twitter, and other web platforms about the enhancements we have made in our CCIE program to benefit our candidates. In this blog we want to highlight those enhancements and say thank you for your feedback!


Lab Exam Retake Policy

In 2015, we implemented a temporary change in our lab exam retake policy that allowed all lab candidates to retest for their lab exam with only a 30-day wait period instead of the longer wait times based on the number of testing attempts made.  We offered this opportunity in response to your feedback about the challenges faced with longer wait times and difficulty getting a lab seat for retesting..  To accommodate scheduling, we also opened up new lab locations to seat more candidates. Upon listening to your feedback about our temporary retake policy, we permanently changed the policy to a 30-day wait period regardless of the number of attempts made.  Your feedback was essential in reviewing and revising this lab exam retake policy.


CCIE Mobile Lab Location Poll

We closed out 2015 asking our candidates to chime in on our CCIE mobile lab poll. We created the poll to find out where our candidates would like to have a mobile lab present.  The responses provided a great deal of enlightening and informative input, and the #CertsandLabs team would like to say thank you to everyone who participated.  We have reviewed the results of the poll and are determining which, if any, of the suggested locations will be feasible options to implement as new mobile lab locations.

Dual Monitors

The next phase of enhancements was implementing dual monitors.  There has been a shift in the way engineers view their network environments via monitors.  The days of utilizing a single monitor in a network environment are becoming a thing of the past which is why we have implemented the dual monitors. This upgrade allows us to simulate real world work environments for our lab and practical exam candidates.  We have already added dual monitors in all of our permanent lab locations.  They have been added to the majority of our mobile labs with the remaining locations scheduled to be added within the next few months.


The expectations are high at the expert level, and we want our candidates to come in prepared and ready to test in the lab. We are always looking for ways in which we can improve our programs and enhance the candidate testing experience. The goal of these enhancements is to ensure that we are continually evolving by developing relevant policies and maintaining the proper environment for our expert candidates to be successful.  By continually monitoring the feedback we receive from our candidate population coupled with keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest industry trends, we are able to stay abreast of the needs of our candidates.


If you are a first time CCIE lab candidate or you want to stay up to date on what you as a candidate need to do to prepare for your exam, visit our blog A Day in the Lab: Knowing What to Expect for Your CCIE Exam.  We want to hear from you and continually welcome your feedback.  You can reach out to us via the Learning@Cisco social media channels by asking us questions or responding to one of our posts by tagging us with #CiscoCertsisListening.  We will respond or take your feedback directly to our team for consideration.