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Preparing for the CCIE lab exam can be a daunting and intimidating experience especially for first time CCIE test takers.  Outside of the obvious of studying for your exams, knowing what to expect is a major aspect of the preparation process. In some of the previous #CertsandLabs  blogs, we touched on what goes on once you get to the lab, misconceptions about taking the lab exam, as ... Read more

Cisco has developed as a global leader, in large part, through the genius and innovation of its dedicated and skilled global workforce.  In a world built on increasingly complex technologies, success is driven not only by what you know but by what you can do with that knowledge. To continue to innovate now and for our future, it is more important than ever for the next generation to be ... Read more

This month Cisco announced our new Continuing Education Program.  Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIEs) and Cisco Certified Design Experts (CCDEs) with an active, emeritus or suspended status now have an option to recertify by earning credits through continuing education. This is an alternative to taking a written certification exam every two years. Adding this program to our ... Read more

The Service Provider (SP) certification is one of the more mature technology tracks in Cisco’s portfolio. The current versions of each certification level have been consistent for several years. This stability is the reason the track has not become outdated.  Because it serves a niche market, the SP technology track can catapult your career for any of the major Internet Service ... Read more

Cisco certifications are recognized and respected globally, and we want to help you communicate your credentials in an ever-expanding online marketplace. That is why the Certs and Labs team is excited about the recent launch of Cisco’s digital badges as the latest benefit offered to all active and Emeritus Associate, Professional, and Expert level certification holders. This is an important ... Read more

The Certs and Labs team last wrote about “The Evolution of Cloud Computing” in November 2015. At that time, we had launched our new CCNA Cloud certification in June of that year and also offered a Cloud specialist certification. The Cloud certification portfolio continues to grow as we now offer the CCNP Cloud certification as well. The growth rate of Cloud certifications is a direct ... Read more

A common question in the IT industry is this: which is better for your IT career, getting certified or pursuing a formal degree? It has even been a topic of debate in the CLN community.  That’s because this isn’t a simple question and there's no right or wrong answer. There are significant differences that make both paths unique. Our answer is it depends on where you are in your ... Read more

    Since the launch of the revised CCNA Routing & Switching exams, the #CertsandLabs team has worked hard to listen to your questions, concerns and feedback on the revision. From the initial announcement and release of the updated blueprints, the most consistent concern has been whether or not the updated certification is trending in the right direction for the industry. Some ... Read more

The Cisco #CertsandLabs team has been focused on empowering candidates to achieve their certifications. We understand that there is a vast amount of information across the web on what it takes to get Cisco certified. Our goal is to take the guess work out of deciphering all of this information and demystify any misinformation circulating. This is why, through our blogs and L@C social media ... Read more

Some of the commonly asked questions we receive on the #CertsandLabs team are about score reports. In this blog we are going to answer candidate questions for better clarity on how to read and interpret your Cisco score reports. There are five major pieces of the score report that communicate specific information to candidates. In addition to highlighting this key information, we will also review ... Read more

The CCIE program is evolving from assessing mature technologies to be the go-to certification for keeping up with the fast pace of technology evolution. The next generation of the CCIE program has kicked off, and the first stop is at the CCIE Exam Topics (also known as exam blueprints). There has been wide spread promotion about the newest addition to the Exam Topics, the Evolving Technologies ... Read more

Like many other candidates, you may find yourself at the crossroads of selecting which Cisco certification you are going to pursue in order to build or further your IT career. It is time to revisit the faithful Cisco Certification Poster to see what your options are. There is only one problem: the career poster only gives you the basics – pre-requisites, recommended training, and required ... Read more

Have you had the opportunity to see the #CertsandLabs #EarnedIt videos?  To this point, we hope all of our current professionals have watched the videos, but if not you can still view them all. Created about three years ago, these videos have become a staple for some of our candidates to boast that they #EarnedIt when they received their certifications.  We are constantly getting new ... Read more

The #CertsandLabs team has been working diligently on your behalf!  Over the past few months, we have seen the buzz on the Learning@CiscoFacebook, Twitter, and other web platforms about the enhancements we have made in our CCIE program to benefit our candidates. In this blog we want to highlight those enhancements and say thank you for your feedback!   Lab Exam Retake Policy In 2015, ... Read more

End-to-end, the Cisco testing experience is unique to every candidate. The #CertsandLabs team has been providing info-packed blogs that lay out different parts of that testing experience. We’ve gotten great feedback on how useful our blogs have been as a resource that provides helpful and relevant links to our candidates. In this blog, we are summarizing some key points that will help you ... Read more

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