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Certifications for Success

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The road to CCIE certification can sometimes be a lonely one! Sure, there are your supporters cheering you on from the sidelines, and there’s a great deal of bonding you can get from study groups and the Cisco learning community. But the months of training and preparation probably mean your family life, social life, or love life is going to take a hit for a little while as you “geek ... Read more

This blog series is all about helping you find your path to Cisco certification success. It was interesting for me, therefore, to come across a recent article from Global Knowledge approaching the topic of certification exam success from the angle of what not to do on the road to victory. That road can be littered with all sorts of doo-doo, no question, so let’s take a look at some of the ... Read more

This spring, Global Knowledge and Windows IT Pro issued their “2015 IT Skills & Salary Report,” representing the third time that the two have partnered on the annual survey that was begun by Global Knowledge in 2008. As part of the report, 9,611 IT professionals in the United States and Canada were polled on an abundance of issues of interest to our community. Here, summarized by ... Read more


IT in an Industrial IoT World

Posted by Laurie May 29, 2015

By Sudarshan Krishnamurthi, Product Management, Cisco   New capabilities. Richer experiences. Unprecedented economic opportunity for organizations, individuals and nations. These are the real possibilities of the Internet of Everything (IoE) as it brings together previously unconnected people, processes, data and things. Cisco predicts that 50+ billion devices will be connected by 2020. The ... Read more

By Tejas Vashi, Director, Product Strategy & Marketing, Cisco Services   The pace of digitization is being accelerated as the Internet of Everything (IoE)—bringing together people, processes, data and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before—becomes a daily reality.   Organizations work under a greater expectation than ever to ... Read more

Here’s a story that seems so “off the charts” in terms of accomplishment that I’m eager to share it with you. The article below was written by Cisco’s Certifications and Lab Delivery team and recounts how a young man, Jorge Ospina, got all the way to CCIE certification while still a teenager. I’m hoping that it will prove galvanizing for those of you in the ... Read more

Sometimes a certification success story from the Cisco community tells itself so brightly that there isn’t much to do except to share it with you as written. And so, read up, my friends, about John Spade, who says he would never have landed a dream job as the technology lead for the Florida Panthers’ (NHL) ice arena without having beefed up his Dice.com profile with some Cisco ... Read more

Karen L

The Data Center is Hot

Posted by Karen L May 1, 2015

Why the Data Center Is (Still) Hot! Not literally, given all the progress in energy-efficient data centers—I mean hot career-wise due to the very interesting initiatives that depend upon the data center infrastructure. It’s a good time to be an IT professional, especially a data center professional. Just a few short years ago, big spending in the data center was focused on upgrading ... Read more

Many years, and many jobs, ago, I went to a career counselor to help get me mobilized for a job hunt. He said that most people would rather be told to go outside and dig a 10-foot ditch than to dust off their resume and get the ball rolling on the search for a new job or career. That’s no huge surprise, I guess! Digging a ditch isn’t so overwhelming once you convince yourself to ... Read more

Networking and Security Salaries: Looking Good, Especially If You’ve Got Some Training Behind You   This blog hasn’t yet talked about the salaries that come with your efforts to train and rise through the networking ranks, but the recent release of the Robert Half Technology 2015 Salary Guide makes it a good time to do that. Two pieces of the report are particularly relevant to ... Read more

Years ago, when I first started to look at what certifications were available in the IT industry and what paths I could possibly take, I was a bit overwhelmed. There are a lot of certifications out there. Cisco takes the task of finding the right certification path and simplifies it.   Cisco has two types of certifications: Cisco Career certifications and Specialist certifications. They're ... Read more

Submission By:  Dawn Hopper   Successful collaboration intertwines hearing, seeing, and speaking to achieve a common goal. From seeing a product demonstration to speaking with a partner, to hearing words from a mentor these are the ways we have collaborated from the beginning of time.  Technology has evolved to extend collaboration so now you can easily see, speak, and hear from ... Read more

Remember, You Make a Difference So, why do we desire certifications? For some of us, it’s the challenge of setting a goal and working toward that goal. For others, it’s the knowledge attained in the process; and the validation the certification provides that one has attained that level of knowledge. And for still others, it may be for career reasons: a job, a promotion, or ... Read more

Submission By:  Jamie Shoup   Everyone has a study story. Perhaps you are late to the certification game. Maybe you have the work experience but are rushed to prepare for the actual exam. Or are you the person spending years preparing with self-study materials and hands-on-training, getting ready for the big test day to bring yourself to that next level? Whatever your situation, how you ... Read more

Speaking a common language with your leaders can accelerate business outcomes while turbo-charging your career. Are you ready to take that step?   See if you recognize this picture.     The IT Guy’s Perspective   You can design and configure a small to medium sized network with finesse. You understand the security requirements, routing protocols and quality of service ... Read more

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