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Many years, and many jobs, ago, I went to a career counselor to help get me mobilized for a job hunt. He said that most people would rather be told to go outside and dig a 10-foot ditch than to dust off their resume and get the ball rolling on the search for a new job or career. That’s no huge surprise, I guess! Digging a ditch isn’t so overwhelming once you convince yourself to ... Read more

Networking and Security Salaries: Looking Good, Especially If You’ve Got Some Training Behind You   This blog hasn’t yet talked about the salaries that come with your efforts to train and rise through the networking ranks, but the recent release of the Robert Half Technology 2015 Salary Guide makes it a good time to do that. Two pieces of the report are particularly relevant to ... Read more

Years ago, when I first started to look at what certifications were available in the IT industry and what paths I could possibly take, I was a bit overwhelmed. There are a lot of certifications out there. Cisco takes the task of finding the right certification path and simplifies it.   Cisco has two types of certifications: Cisco Career certifications and Specialist certifications. They're ... Read more

Submission By:  Dawn Hopper   Successful collaboration intertwines hearing, seeing, and speaking to achieve a common goal. From seeing a product demonstration to speaking with a partner, to hearing words from a mentor these are the ways we have collaborated from the beginning of time.  Technology has evolved to extend collaboration so now you can easily see, speak, and hear from ... Read more

Remember, You Make a Difference So, why do we desire certifications? For some of us, it’s the challenge of setting a goal and working toward that goal. For others, it’s the knowledge attained in the process; and the validation the certification provides that one has attained that level of knowledge. And for still others, it may be for career reasons: a job, a promotion, or ... Read more

Submission By:  Jamie Shoup   Everyone has a study story. Perhaps you are late to the certification game. Maybe you have the work experience but are rushed to prepare for the actual exam. Or are you the person spending years preparing with self-study materials and hands-on-training, getting ready for the big test day to bring yourself to that next level? Whatever your situation, how you ... Read more

Speaking a common language with your leaders can accelerate business outcomes while turbo-charging your career. Are you ready to take that step?   See if you recognize this picture.     The IT Guy’s Perspective   You can design and configure a small to medium sized network with finesse. You understand the security requirements, routing protocols and quality of service ... Read more

Submission By:  Errol Hayward     Many of you have already earned your CCNA certification. Congratulations on this tremendous accomplishment!   But,just as the feeling of success is starting to fade, you may start to think about the next step. You might ask questions like: “What’s next?” “Where should I go from here?” “What are the ... Read more

Submission By:  Roberto De La Mora   In my conversations with our customers and partners, one of most frequent topics is the need of aligning the skills of the Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) professionals to the new capabilities offered by Internet of Things (IoT) related technologies and solutions, and the changing conditions and demands of the business. ... Read more

July 29, 2014 was a big day for Learning@Cisco. We are addressing technology transitions and evolving business demands with training and education solutions for the enterprise. So, what does this mean?     Well, in short, it means that this changing environment has caused IT responsibilities to increase and network capabilities to accelerate. This is happening across multiple fronts as ... Read more

Study with others! In Part 4 of this blog series, I will share with you the why and the how.          "Look dude, you got it all wrong. Right here"     For the most part, study is an individual pursuit. It’s what you do in your spare time and usually on your own. And for the majority of your study, this will probably remain the same, but in this ... Read more

Submission By:  Errol Hayward       I’ve been reading through nearly all of the posts from our past year of bringing the “Certifications for Success” blog to you. And the trends are clear. As Ramesh Bijor has captured in his recent anniversary blog, “You like articles that help you achieve your goals of passing exams and getting certified. You prefer ... Read more

Submission By:  Liz Grater  and Ashanti Johnson     In the last few decades, many people have sought to obtain certifications in a multitude of industries.  Today, these certifications bring added value to their careers no matter what their job may be. At Cisco, we have set ourselves apart to ensure our certifications bring the highest value to you and employers.  ... Read more

Submission By:  Ramesh Bijor       Well, it has been a year now since we started the blog series “Certifications for Success.” We did not know at the time how this series would fare, and had very modest expectations. However, thanks to you, the number of views is about five times what we expected and the series is a big success (pun intended).    ... Read more

Submission By:  Rosalie Guntrip - Guest Blogger   The data center is at a major technological inflection point. If you were among the 22,000 that attended Cisco Live 2014 San Francisco in person or of the 200,000 who participated on-line - you heard about it in the recent keynote sessions. If you keep abreast of the latest IT and networking trends via industry reports, blogs, tweets ... Read more

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