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My Journey Back to CCNA Security

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Good afternoon all,   This week, I have managed to squeeze some time back into the study schedule for my CCNA Security. Having been out of certifications for a while, there are things that I need to learn for the first time. The last time I went through my certifications, IPv6 wasn't even on the radar so I find myself having to learn IPv6 and IPv6 security. Even though I learned a bit about ... Read more

Good morning folks,   I wanted to post this up as I haven't been very active with my study over the last two weeks. Once I got through some review of the Layer 3 content, I have not had much time to do much in the way of CCNA Security. I am having many of the same time issues that all of you do from time to time. Sometimes it's tough to keep your certification study schedule going when you ... Read more

Good morning! To finish up my thoughts on Layer 3 network security from last time, I wanted to touch on a few of the items that I typically configure on my routers when I deploy them. I say “typically” because some configuration tasks may vary from network to network based on requirements. First of all, I live by the rule of “if you’re not using it, turn it off”. If ... Read more

Good afternoon and welcome back to my blog on CCNA-Security! This week has been busy already, but I wanted to get some of my thoughts on Layer 3 security down while I’m still thinking about it. I have noticed over the years that there are some items that can be easily overlooked while securing devices at Layer 3. I have had discussions in the past about AAA and what it does to protect a ... Read more

Bradley Graham

L2 Network Security

Posted by Bradley Graham Jul 2, 2013

Last week I was out at Cisco Live and some of the conversations that I had got me thinking again about network security and Layer 2 security. Specifically, I thought about how important L2 security can really be for a network and how problematic it can be if it’s not there. In days gone by, I have done various levels of network testing and product testing. In those days, I also had the ... Read more

Good afternoon all,   It has been a while since I posted on this blog, but I wanted to get back into this since I have been away from my CCNA-Security studying for some time now. I began study again recently and I am making progress towards the certificationand get back on track for taking the exam this summer.   Today, I have been reviewing some of my notes on network attacks and some ... Read more

This week I am beginning my study for CCNA Security. I have spent the last few days formulating a study program that should allow me to take the CCNA Security exam this summer. I learned a lesson with the CCNA exam earlier this year and that lesson was to make sure that I allow enough time to get through the entire study cycle. I wound up rushing myself at the end of studying for that exam and it ... Read more

Bradley Graham

So it Begins...

Posted by Bradley Graham Mar 12, 2013

Hello everyone,   I wanted to take this opportunity to reintroduce myself and to let you know that I am working my way back through Cisco certifications that I once held. Having already completed the CCNA certification, I am looking to move back in to the security space before any other certifications. As I go through studying for the CCNA Security certification, I will be posting some ... Read more