I have received a few private messages on my last blog about the father, and surprisingly (or not), most of them came from moms!


If a brand new CCIE must make a certification acceptance speech of some sort, I hope their mom (or spouse) would make it to the top of the list of people to thank. Sure, your mom or spouse is not likely to be the one who helped you finally understand OSPF LSA types, or someone who found you that end-of-sale practice equipment, but I bet they worked as hard as you did to support your certification pursue. Their sacrifices often gone unnoticed, however, they should never be forgotten.


I came across a CCIE candidate whose wife actually came to the test center. When I took attendence in the morning, a man and a woman came forward. “So….. which one of you is John*?” I asked. After some talking, I learned that the husband needed some kind of daily medical treatment, and she wanted to make sure it was administered right. “I’ll just wait in the lobby.” She said. I ended up getting her a guest badge so she could spend the day in a break room rather than in the lobby. I might have joked with him that he needs to share the number with his wife after he got certified.


Since this is my blog, I would like to say a few words to the two significant women in my life:


I want to thank my mom, Sue (I thought it’s the cutest English name), for her unconditional love and all the sacrifices she made to make my dreams come true. Thank you mom, I am nobody without you.


Next I want to thank my wife, Jesse, the most amazing woman in my life. Thank you dear, for knowing me and loving me more than I do; for dreaming my dreams with me - you made me whole.


Now it’s time to close the browser and reach out to your mom and wife. And if you’re a mother or a wife, a very happy mother’s day!




* I made up a name because I have forgotten the real one.