Recently, I attended our live webinar “The Secret of Surviving and Thriving as a Self Study Student” (you can watch the recording) by two industry experts, Dr. Stephanie Burns--an expert on adult learning and CCIE Keith Barker--a Cisco Designated VIP on the Cisco Learning Network—and a terrific instructor who taught my ICND1 class. In this webinar they shared their knowledge on how to accomplish your goals in life. Stephanie discussed how we tend to learn and how we can maximize the learning experience and remember what we learn for a longer period of time.


This is the concept I decided to apply to my CCENT studies. I took what I considered to be a simple topic—Switchport Port Security. I needed to learn the following steps:




Stephanie recommends breaking topics into small sections and learning those sections until you have a full understanding. She teaches various tricks to really integrate your learning. In the webinar she used a simple example of how to learn to spell the word “HIERARCHY” but this can be applied to any concept that you would like to learn.


Before this webinar I was reading this topic over and over again but couldn’t remember. After watching this webinar I tried to apply those techniques to this topic. I broke down the topics into the steps that are listed here so the first step is what am I trying to accomplish here? The answer would be secure the Switchport. Next, is how would I accomplish this? The answer is by securing the port and how would I secure a port that would be by using the command "switchport port-security" and so on for the next steps


I kept on working on this till i got the concept embedded in my brain. I do visit it over and over again so i don't forget but i really liked the idea of breaking the concepts into smaller more manageable chunks.


You guys should try it and let me know if it works or what doesn't work?