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Cisco Learning Home > Building a Network Career > 2008 > October

  In networking it's usually desirable for traffic to take the shortest path. In life however that's not always the best way to do things. In fact it's rarely the best way. Like many people I enjoy listening to music. And like life, the point of musical composition is not to get to the end. If it were the fastest musicians would be the best, each trying to race each other to the end of the ...

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      When I was first starting out in my IT career I had very little concern about the business side of any of the companies I worked for. Honestly, I could care less. My focus was on becoming a better engineer and so I kept my nose in my IT books. I think this makes a certain sense, at least in my mind. The better engineer I am the more the company will benefit from my ...

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Building a Network Career

From knowing the basics to the tricks of the trade, it takes a lot to build a career. This blog is meant to be a place to share our experiences and insights, to agree or disagree, and to learn and grow as professionals.